Adriana Pabon: Love (cont'd)


When I was diagnosed with cancer in 2014 I held on for dear life and love was my anchor.  This has been one of the most grueling fights of my life, but it has not been my only fight.   We are all faced with unimaginable heartbreak, pain and despair at some point in our lives.  It is during those times that we discover the power of love.  


Love carried me through my toughest times.  


I have learned that sometimes broken souls take longer to heal than broken bones.  There were times when I felt lost and alone, there were  times I thought about giving up.  I felt there was no reason to keep going and when I was about to give up love saved me.  Not only the love of others and for others but the love I finally understood I had to have for myself.  I finally grasped the fact that if I was going to make it through this journey called life, I had to learn to love myself.  Loving myself has made me a better person, it has given me the ability of loving and being loved.

I am blessed with abundant love today.  The unconditional love of my husband, family and friends and God's infinite love. Because of them I am here today. If we have love, we have it all.