Anita Arredondo: Stronger (cont'd)

On July 4th 2006, my mother Aida died suddenly. Although she had cancer, she did not succumb to the disease, but an unfortunate mishap during a procedure. I admired her strength and courage during her illness. 

She always told me how strong I was (because I was her daughter) and that no matter what, if anything ever happened to her, she would send me a sign to let me know she was with me.  Shortly after her death I began to see dragonflies. They were all around me in my time of grief. I would see them in my time of need or when I was sad and missing her. I was diagnosed with Stage 2 lobular Carcinoma in May of 2011. I had a long road ahead of me. I opted for a double mastectomy, which was done in June 2011. I also had 8 months of chemotherapy, and a year of breast reconstruction.  During the entire time I would see dragonflies appear and sometimes even swarm and hover over my head. I knew my mom was with me during the most difficult time in my life. Although she always thought I was strong, knowing she was with me only made me STRONGER! I am stronger because she was my mother and best friend, from what I learned from her, and from this horrible disease that I was so fortunate to defeat. I have not seen dragonflies lately, but I know when I need her, my mom will show me the signs again. I am STRONGER because she is always with me!