Barbara Lynn: Passion (cont'd)

At the time I was diagnosed I was working in Texas for a General Surgeon. We had patients come in for biopsies and then get the diagnosis of cancer. I was always surprised how often they took the news without hysteria. I had always thought if I got that news I would freak out. Little did I know that in 2004 my boss would become my surgeon.  I will always remember him sitting down next to me to tell me my biopsy was positive. I didn’t freak out like I had expected I would. I said , ”ok what’s next”? I had surgery two days later. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 invasive ductal carcinoma with 25 positive lymph nodes.

I was “blessed.”  Working where I did, I was surrounded by my “medical family.” I wasn’t scared because I was somewhat familiar with the process. I had the “Strength” to move through the process of surgery and Chemotherapy. I wasn’t prepared for the side effects but with the support of my family and friends I made it though.

Three years after my breast cancer a small spot was noticed on my thyroid. It turned out I had a (luckily a very small) malignancy in both lobes and my thyroid was removed.

I will never say I had cancer for a reason. There is no good reason for anyone to have cancer BUT I will say by having had cancer I have found my “Passion”.

My Passion is to give back. To help others who are going through the fear of the diagnosis. Help someone that doesn’t know about the side effects of Chemotherapy and some of the tricks to make it easier, the chance to just talk to someone who has been through it.

I have had 3 strong words to describe my Affirmations throughout my journey. Blessed, because I was in the right place at the right time with the best people to care for me.  Strength, because I was able to forge through the ordeal without fear. But most of all Passion because I want to make a positive out of the negative and show others that this horrible thing called Cancer will not win.