Maria Singer: Conquered (cont'd):

Everybody said "Stay positive, think positive." But I knew what I had. I know my body. So the words "breast cancer" didn't really scared me. It was the fear of the unknown. Am I going to survive? Is this my last holiday with my kids? Who will take care of them? What is going to be? It was that point when I made up my mind - I will conquer this. And conquer is what I did.

I set out on a mission. And completed it to the fullest. I was diagnosed with Stage 3c invasive ductile carcinoma. The doctors were skeptical about my survival rate, 5% in the first five years. It had spread to my lymphnodes - 27 out of 32 to be exact. Chemo was hell on earth, I was being legally poisoned to death. But I wasn't going to let this affect me. I had a mission - two young girls and they were only 9 & 4. I have a purpose and a reason to beat the odds. Now, 7 years, 8 surgeries, 8 rounds of chemo and 32 cycles of radiation.... I have conquered this.