I am...

Why love?  Because love gave me purpose and saved me when everything seemed lost.


When I was diagnosed with breast Cancer, it was like a series of earthquakes shaking my world.

I feel like that is something I've learned about myself. I always knew I was strong, and brave, and resilient, 

I surround myself with love's embrace and it carries me through the toughest of times. 

There are times when I think how did I survive that? How did I do that?


I BELIEVE in God, He gives me life. I BELIEVE in Love, it gives my life value.

In July of 2015 at 43 years old, I found my tumor while doing a self exam. 

On July 4th 2006, my mother Aida died suddenly.

It’s not easy to pick one word to describe anything, much less yourself. 

Time has taught me to be brave and decisive. Today I am a  "warrior"  that's what I proclaim.  

So there I was laying on a table at the doctors office. The weeks leading up to this point were a blur.

I am faithful because God has been faithful to me.

In Loving Memory

Dorian Restrepo


Our dear Dorian went to heaven on April 23, 2013 after a relentless battle with breast cancer.  She may be gone, but her smile will forever live on. To know Dorian was to love her she was pure  joy.  Even in the toughest days a beatiful smile illuminated her angelical face.  She was peace, she did not fear moving on because she knew heaven would be her new home.  

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