I am...

Why did I chose Blessed…well, because I am. There have been so many life-threatening events in my life that I honestly should not be here today.


During my treatments and many surgeries throughout 2010 I relied HEAVILY the STRENGTH of others. 

People feed off of YOUR attitude during times of trouble or in an unsure situation. 

There are times when I think how did I survive that? How did I do that?


FAMILY is and will always be the most important to me and with them I've learned I can get through anything sent my way.  

Resilience is about being strong enough to get back up after you’ve been knocked down. 

Faith got me through the fear of not seeing my children grow or meeting my grandchildren.

After watching a friend’s 5-year-old son battle brain cancer, I saw first-hand what BRAVE was. 

My message to anyone battling cancer is don’t lose faith. Your worst enemy is your own mind.

My journey of enlightenment has given me the opportunity to share my positive outlook on such a grim prognosis with others diagnosed with the same condition that "You too can beat this".

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