The Photo Shoot:  8/6/16 (click on any picture to view album)

Meet the team and brave participants
Michelle Caudle, Silver Moon Art
taking a quick peek at the photos
Recording in progress :-)
so excited! We did it
With Michelle Caudle
Makeup Artist, Brenda Irizarry
Makeup artist Ashley Cantero
Gill Green and Ashley :-)
The talented Hairstylist Suzie Reed
Brian Ross, dp salon
hairstyling artists working :)
Taylor Rodriguez, Makeup Artist
a future Makeup Artist in the making
with Brenda and Suzie
Alex from AC Squared Productions
Maria, PJ and Lucy peeking LOL
with Lucy, a one in a million woman
Friends: Becky, Shelby and Gill
with the beautiful Alison
an Inspiring woman, Shelby Coriaty
with Anita, a very special lady
my friend Brenda & the lovely Lilly

Promoting the Affirmations Project at the Viva Tampa Bay  Festival, 9/18/16 (click on any picture to view album)

Promoting The Affirmations Project
Promoting The Affirmations Project
With the beautiful Lilly
My husband, always by my side