Robin Evans-Galley: Resilient (cont'd)

Resilience is about being strong enough to get back up after you’ve been knocked down.  No one knows how strong they truly are until they have no other option.  When you are faced with a battle like cancer, winning IS the only option.


This was my resolve after finding out at the age of 38 that I had Stage 2b breast cancer in January of 2016.  Knowing the plan of attack would include chemotherapy, radiation, and multiple surgeries and knowing that regardless of my treatment, the world around me wasn’t going to stop, it was Game On! 

I endured a grueling battle that proved to be a physical and emotional roller coaster ride.  But my motivation on the darkest days was to inspire my children (ages 4 and 8).  To show them that you can overcome life’s curve balls.  To show them that no matter what cancer tried to take from me, it didn’t take away our love and support for each other. 


I am a survivor.  I am resilient.  Having breast cancer has changed me forever.  I appreciate life and know I have been given a second chance.  I know that I will never be the same as I was prior to cancer, and I must find my new “normal,” . . . but nothing says my new normal can’t be even better than before.  I laugh louder, hug longer, and enjoy the blessings around me.  I heard a motivational speaker once and I repeat his words often . . . “I am in control here.  I will not let this destroy me.  I’m coming back . . . and I’ll be better and stronger because of it!”