Suzette "Susie" Morris: Enlightened (cont'd)

On 11/13/2012, I thought the little flashes I was seeing was simply a common detached retina. All alone at the doctor’s office, I was given a diagnosis that changed my life forever. I was told if I wanted any chance of living to get to Wills Eye institute in Philadelphia immediately.  My diagnosis, Ocular Melanoma. 4-5 people in a million. My eye had to come out, but unfortunately would not help my prognosis. My blue eyes were part of how I defined myself and what I thought was my best physical attribute.  My biopsy came back with the worst genetic tumor makeup, "Extreme high risk of imminent metastasis". My immediate thoughts were of my family, will I see my children marry or will I ever meet my future grandchildren? My daily prayers for others were the very prayers for me.

Here I am almost five years later and what seemed like a death sentence became my journey of "Enlightenment" living more fully, nurturing my relationships and living more aware of every day and appreciating every moment. It has humbled me, strengthened me and gave me insight to see far beyond what my eyes allowed. My heart saw more clearly than ever. It softened me... inside and out, never saying why me? My journey of enlightenment has given me the opportunity to share my positive outlook on such a grim prognosis with others diagnosed with the same condition that, "You too can beat this."  I am ENLIGHTENED!!