Who We Are

Adriana Pabon,

President and Founder


The Affirmations Project is a campaign  to empower cancer survivors, domestic violence survivors and all women to accept and to love themselves and to reaffirm their true value. The Affirmations Project's mission is to inspire women to stop self-deprecation and to restore self-love. I believe in the power of words, what we say we are we will become.


My dream is to inspire women to look at themselves and see love even if those they love do not love them back, beauty regardless of the scars that mark their bodies, strength in their weakest moments and resilience because women are capable of  overcoming unimaginable obstacles.   


The Affirmations Project is dedicated to the girls and women who feel that they are not pretty enough, good enough, strong enough or worthy enough.  This is a reminder that true beauty comes from the heart regardless of our flaws.

As part of our efforts to support our survivor sisters, we provide financial assistance to women undergoing cancer treatment and to women who have escaped abusive partners and are starting a new life. Special consideration is given to women who have no support system, single mothers and women who live alone and who are fighting for their lives.  Our main fundraiser is an annual gala where a gallery of survivors with their words of affirmation painted on their bodies is revealed. A powerful photo gallery showcasing survivors with dignity and grace.